Coaching & Mentoring

Business Coaching and Mentoring, is about developing you, your team and your company into something greater.

We’ll help you and your team set better goals, reach those goals faster, look at the big picture, make better decisions, all of which ultimately leads to significant growth for your company. It’s about your future: discovering your potential and achieving it – fast.

Our interventions help you to take your business to the next level.

Too many business leaders suffer pain points when they don’t need to, i.e.:

  • Profitable – but your growth is stalling
  • you’ve hit the ceiling
  • performance not where it should be
  • lack of time and capacity
  • the team is ineffective
  • not enough resource

The question to ask yourself is…

  • What will it cost me not to resolve this?

In my experience businesses don’t achieve sustained profitable growth unless they draft in the specialist coaching required at the right time for the business.

I can remember as an engineer back in the 90’s the business I worked for bringing Lean Consultants to coach and train our team to improve our operational performance, I can recall as a Corporate Executive engaging with Exec Coaches to work with the leadership team, working on team performance and goal setting to increase business performance. Every business I worked for and with has brought in specialist coaching at one time or another, be it one to one or one to many.

It doesn’t come easy asking for help and or support but coaching and mentoring done well is low cost intervention compared to not doing it.

How is business coaching different to other interventions

Our coaching and mentoring is a bespoke intervention so it’s difficult to say what would be involved exactly for you as every person and business is different. What you will get is real-life support, business insights, coaching, training, mentoring, that is individually tailored to your needs and entirely outcome focused. Below are some the benefits you could gain working with us

You’re good at what you do but just want that little bit extra to make you excel – “I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential” Bob Nardelli CEO. We will hold you accountable, monitor your actions, demand results, push you, work with you and commend you when the job is done.

You’ve got alot of business experience, but haven’t invested in yourself in years – you’ve developed your team and now want to improve specific aspects of your own performance for personal growth, we’ll provide one-to-one support and motivation, we will help you to achieve and build upon the improvements you have already made providing a measurable return on investment.

Being a business owner can be a lonely – it is here that most business owners feel the pains. Because it can be a lonely place, it is easy for owners to doubt themselves, they also don’t know what they don’t know, which can be a limiting factor. This is where we will be your sounding board and a confidant, helping you face the issues and find solutions to the problems quickly and effectively.

Rise to the next level in business performance – If you continue to do what you have always done, don’t be surprised when you get what you have always gotten. We will challenge you and your team to focus on taking actions that will reduce costs, drive revenue and boost your profit.

Train your internal talent – supporting your internal teams with the best training, coaching and mentoring to enable your own internal practitioners to deliver the bottom line savings for you and your business.

  • Examples include; Managing Daily Improvement, Project Management Reviews, Performance Room Reviews; Behaviours, Management Reviews, Project tracking.
  • Most popular with our current clients is utilising our skills for Performance/Operations reviews, Project adherence and people coaching and mentoring. Usually 1 to 2 Days per week or month based on what you need to achieve.

“I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who is looking for business change with his Transformational Leadership style and a natural hunger to make manufacturing a different place, he delivers what is required.
Adam is a true friend, colleague and a fabulous mentor for when I have needed some liked minded thinking, therefore I have no reservations at all in endorsing him”

Jason Thorpe – Managing Director
HSM Engineering Ltd

“Great to work with Adam on business growth strategy. His advice has been direct, practical, the right degree of ‘challenging’ and above all motivating. Adam’s engineering background has meant that his input to our business has been directly relevant and immediately helpful.”

Liz Slater – Director
Sandwell UK

“Adam is the ultimate Manufacturing encyclopaedia. He supported me through the CMI mentoring programme on various topics within this study. Outside of that Adam also offered advice and support which could be implemented in the workplace. Nothing is ever too much trouble and Adam goes above and beyond, his true passion for UK Manufacturing shines through in every conversation I had with him. If you ever have the opportunity of working with Adam – take it, his knowledge is outstanding.”

Jane Caci – Manager

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