Make It Ugly!

Expose the Problem for What it is – Waste, Cost, In-Efficiency

Always find it interesting how we accept things in our manufacturing processes, we’ve highlighted it as an issue so many times, but it hasn’t been resolved or it has always been like that.

Example, we are part finishing product due to a number of issues, so our part finished inventory is through the roof, which brings in a whole host of risks, trace-ability, control of stock, increased logistics handling. These then become the norm within our operations, and we forget to ask why as they a now becoming hidden.

We need to highlight these situations in such a way that is looks F^kin Ugly to everyone… (not introducing another step in the process of putting part finished stock back into store)…leave it where it is, piling up (nice, neatly and Safe as not to be damaged) but certainly enough to get people questioning WHY? And TAKING ACTION?

Highlight through SQCDP Process Confirmation, KPIs, get the right people in front of it and as close to where the work is being done.

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