In today’s highly competitive environment, it’s imperative your business processes run like clockwork. If they’re not, someone somewhere is going to come along and do it better. That’s the nature of competition.
Hitting the ceiling is inevitable and you need to continually adjust to breakthrough to the next level on your journey. If you’re not growing, be it internally or externally, you’re dying. Simply put.

We deliver Accelerator Programmes and Business Coaching that support the following…
Ramp Up – Your business has sales coming in, but not enough, it’s sporadic and lacks consistency. Your focus needs to be on understanding how to ‘activate’ the product/service in the market and get people – buying!
Build Out – You’re now seeing increased sales but it’s resulting in the operational systems creaking to keep up with demand. Sales have done their job, it’s now about stabilising and systemising your business model to give predictable and repeatable results – Operational Improvement
Scale Up – Your business is established, and you feel more secure at this point. Your internal talent is running the day to day operations which are running relatively smoothly. Here you can look at expanding into new markets, acquisition, product pivoting and spin-offs, Innovation and Tech. Reinvesting in the business to further growth and sustainability.
Since 2012 we’ve successfully delivered programmes for organisations such as, Bromford Industries, Hexagon Metrology, NHS, Investacast, Arriva, Profab Acces, BD Living, Sandwell UK and many more.
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£1.75 M

Operational Efficiency Improvement

£2.5 M

Improvement in Working Capital

£256 K

Reduction in Cost of Poor Quality


Opportunity for Growth

We believe that every day is a day to grow and develop you, your team and your business.

Our focus is on Business Growth Programmes and hands-on, high-impact interventions that deliver.

Our Services

Growth, Sales and Marketing

With the integration of Lean tools and techniques with proven sales methods you get optimised sales processes which supports sustainable Growth

Strategic and Tactical Planning

The most effective leadership and management tool, IF, you want to get the best from your People, Resources and Time.

Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking is a business methodology that when applied delivers Innovation and sustainable Growth, regardless of what sector you work in.

Process Improvement

will increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and minimise errors and risk – thereby optimising results.

Business Growth Programmes

Improve your organisations performance and unleash your potential with our business growth programmes.

Coaching for Performance

Unlocking your potential to maximise your own performance

Our Core Team

Adam Payne

Managing Director - Business Practitioner, Coach & Mentor

Richard Shaw

Sales and Marketing Business Practitioner

Amy Foster

HR and Interim Resourcing Practitioner


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