Coaching for Performance

One-on-one coaching sessions have become part of many companies’ internal processes. Leaders have realised the power of these employee-focused sessions – coaching your employees drives high performance – and has a transformational impact both on the individuals being coached and the business.

“The real art of discovery consists not of finding new land but of
seeing it with new eyes”

Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them. The Growth Mindset!

In a business context coaching means improving performance at work, by turning things people do into development situations, in a planned way, under guidance.


What can Coaching & Mentoring Achieve?


  • Think Critically & Creatively
  • Create Change & Overcome Sticking Points
  • Developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses.
  • Develop key Business Skills
  • Grow your Self-Confidence


  • Exposure to New Ideas and Ways of Thinking
  • Lead Strategically
  • Support on Developing and Improving your Business
  • Guidance with Difficult Decisions
  • Hear Objective Opinions
  • Ideas for New Products or Services, Ways of Working

Coaching Programmes


Specifically designed to accelerate your success. You will develop a greater understanding of your values, ideals and needs, set practical and achievable goals and identify and maximise your strengths.
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The proven time horizon to be the most effective for implementation. You’ve focussed your time and energy in creating a business plan, now break it down into most important and Immediate Priorities so you can generate momentum in your business quickly. The 1 or 2 Top Level Improvement Priorities will be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Relevant and Time Bound) and aligned to your long-term strategy.
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Being a business owner can be a lonely job, it is here that most business owners feel the pains and it’s easy for owners to doubt themselves. This is where your Business Practitioner will be a sounding board, confidant, helping you face the issues and find solutions to the problems quickly and effectively.
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Get your people sharing a common vision, goal, metrics, collaborating, challenging and holding each other accountable so they achieve outstanding results.
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TCMUK Limited Business Coach & Mentor

ADAM PAYNE FCMI – Over the years I’ve helped people and businesses achieve their most ambitious goals, focusing on Self-Awareness, Clarifying Goals & Development Objectives, Unlocking Hidden Potential and Embedding Mindset and Execution Strategies.

I’m a Multiple Small Business Owner, Certified Executive Coach/Mentor, Performance Coach & Engineer.

I’m qualified in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring through the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM7 Certified). A Fellow with the Chartered Management Institute, Founder of the Small Biz Forum, Business Support Weekly and Manufacturing UK.


0330 311 2820

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