Lean Green Belt Training for Manufacturers

In the heart of every manufacturing owner lies the relentless pursuit of efficiency, growth, and innovation. Picture your manufacturing plant operating at its peak performance, where every process is streamlined, waste is a thing of the past, and your team is empowered and efficient.

This isn’t just a dream—it’s a reality within reach, thanks to TCMUK Limited’s Advanced Lean Practitioner program. Dive into a world where your aspirations for a lean, high-performance manufacturing operation come alive.

Embrace a Journey of Transformation

In a rapidly evolving industrial landscape, staying ahead means adopting practices that not only improve operational efficiency but also foster a culture of continuous improvement. The Lean Green Belt Training is your gateway to mastering Lean Thinking, a philosophy that has revolutionised manufacturing operations worldwide. With a curriculum designed to drill down into the core principles of Lean, from identifying and eliminating waste to problem-solving and streamlining workflows, you embark on an enlightening path of learning and application.

Through engaging, hands-on exercises, you will apply these timeless principles in real-world scenarios, deriving tangible benefits for your manufacturing operation. The foundation of your success is built on learning from experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges of the manufacturing sector. They walk you through a transformative process, equipping you with tools and strategies to create a resilient, high-performing team, cut costs, and significantly boost your market share.


Master the Art of Lean Manufacturing with Our Comprehensive Training

• An introduction to Lean Principles.
• Exploring a structured approach to Lean Implementation.
• Lean about the role of 5S and Visual Management in the sustaining improvements.
• Understand what Autonomous Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is.
• Learn the features and benefits of a Kanban/Pull approach.
• Understand the concept of SMED for reducing setup time in your processes.
• Learn to create and understand the top-level SIPOC and Process Map Techniques.
• Applied learning on Cause & Effect tools for projects.
• Identifying and prioritising project risks with FMEA.
• Gain problem-solving skills by identifying root causes.
• Understand why focusing on quality is critical
• Learn the process of Standard Work.
• Master the reasoning behind A3 Problem Solving.
• Learn how to apply Managing for Daily Improvement.
• Understands and requirements of Lean and People.

Business Investment

Onsite for up to 12 Candidates

3 Day Lean Green Belt Training


4 Day Green Belt Training

(Includes Manufacturing Simulation Game)


(All price Excl. VAT)


Benefits of Lean Green Belt to the Business

Upon completing the Lean Green Belt Training, learners can:

  • Enhance operational efficiency by identifying areas of waste and deploying practical waste elimination techniques.
  • Boost overall equipment effectiveness and employee productivity through process optimisation.
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement that engages and empowers the workforce.
  • Utilise lean tools and methodologies to systematically streamline production and continually reduce lead times.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products faster and more cost-effectively.

Why TCMUK Limited?


What sets us apart is our in-depth knowledge of all the necessary techniques. We focus on leveraging hands-on learning experiences to ensure that participants grasp the underlying principles and can apply Lean effectively within their operational tasks.


Our former participants commend us for our articulate delivery, ability to add value through robust tools and strategies, and our supportive nature. We are not just your trainers; we are your mentors, guiding you throughout your Lean journey and beyond.


High-value knowledge does not always have to equal high cost. Our course offerings are competitively priced, with potential funding opportunities and monthly payment plans available.

Invest in the Lean Awareness Program and take the first step toward a transformed, more productive future of your business, where waste reduction and maximisation of value go hand in hand.

Fozmula Testimonial

“Adam has recently facilitated Lean Training for our factory Team Leaders and he demonstrated both first-rate understanding of the subject and excellent engagement with the participants. I would have no hesitation in whole-heartedly recommending Adam to any company looking to up-skill its workforce in lean techniques.”

David McGee – Operations Manager

0330 311 2820