Lean Awareness Training for Manufacturers

Streamline your company’s processes with TCMUK Limited’s Lean Awareness Program. Our comprehensive offering seeks to augment your understanding of Lean principles, recognising that most companies, at best, are only 40% value-added.

Lean Awareness Training

We aim to equip you with key methodologies that will significantly enhance this percentage, compress lead times, minimise waste and trim associated costs, while adding a potent element to your competitive advantage.

Lean is not merely a skill, but it is an all-encompassing approach advocating for sustainable business growth and innovation. Be it for manufacturing or service organisations, the end game of Lean is to revolutionise the way you think, with an ever-constant gaze towards renewal, change, and continuous improvement.

Course Overview

Built to educate and empower your internal talent, our course explores the variations of Lean and how these concepts can be adapted within your business operations.


Empower your Internal Talent in Understanding the Benefits of Lean

• Understanding the distinction between value and waste
• Identifying and reducing the “7 Wastes” in your business
• Learning 5S for efficient workplace organisation
• Acquiring skills for practical problem solving
• Implementing Standard Work for increased efficiency
• Quick Changeover for reducing downtime
• Understanding and applying Kanban for pull flow production

Onsite for up to 12 Candidates
1 Day Lean Awareness Investment:

£979 (ex-vat)

1.5 Day Lean Awareness + Manufacturing Simulation Game:

£1599 (ex-vat)


Why TCMUK Limited?


What sets us apart is our in-depth knowledge of all the necessary techniques. We focus on leveraging hands-on learning experiences to ensure that participants grasp the underlying principles and can apply Lean effectively within their operational tasks.


Our former participants commend us for our articulate delivery, ability to add value through robust tools and strategies, and our supportive nature. We are not just your trainers; we are your mentors, guiding you throughout your Lean journey and beyond.


High-value knowledge does not always have to equal high cost. Our course offerings are competitively priced, with potential funding opportunities and monthly payment plans available.

Invest in the Lean Awareness Program and take the first step toward a transformed, more productive future of your business, where waste reduction and maximisation of value go hand in hand.

“TCMUK Limited bring with them an in-depth knowledge of all the relevant techniques and deliver the message by involving all parties…Very hands on learning”

Gary Lane – Business Development Manager

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