Managing Business Performance

One of the most powerful visual management tools and techniques available. Operation Rooms (sometimes called Control or Obeya Rooms ) are fundamental for Managing Business Performance.

At its core, is a dedicated room (or meeting area) which is set aside for employees to meet and make decisions about a specific topic or problem. This dedicated Operations Room can have far-reaching impacts in the workplace that enhance productivity, save money, increase efficiency, and improve communication.

Operation Rooms are based on a simple idea that we dedicate: time and space to the coordination of root cause analysis and problem solving so that organisational barriers are minimised. This ability to maintain a disciplined approach to real-time problem awareness, listening to team members concerns, making discoveries, resolving problems, collaborating and above all developing/mentoring our people is critical to the success of a business.

They promote the coordination and implementation of Strategical and Tactical issues by mobilising and pulling together the intellectual resources of all employees in the service of the firm.

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The following are different types of Operation Rooms (not limited to):

Product Launch; when developing a new product, managers responsible for decision making in design, production engineering, and manufacturing gather in one place to shorten the lead-time through real-time problem resolution.

Business Process Layout: Centralised data collection, prioritising and action planning.

Focused: Strategy Deployment, Project Performance, SQPDC, A3 Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement room.

Operation Room

Observations to consider when looking at Operation Rooms:

  • Use two colors when tracking status, Red and Green. This avoids ambiguities; the status is ON TARGET or NOT.
  • Define SMART metrics (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely), no more than 3-6 focused metrics as more would be impractical for every day review.
  • Problem, Follow-Up and Countermeasure Boards are mandatory, the team must be prompted to solve issues immediately. The deferment/stalling to solving the problem is not allowed.
  • Meeting Discipline – Punctuality, Question and Challenge with dignity and Respect and the meeting should last no more than 30mins.
  • The flow for review takes the shape of Check, Plan, Do, Check, Act instead of the normal PDCA.

Production Control Board

Managing Business Performance helps…

  • with the ability to see the abnormal from normal conditions.
  • with Visual Management to monitor the output of a process or processes.
  • embed problem resolution as close to real time as possible.
  • drive ownership, responsibility and accountability through A3 (one page plan) mentality.
  • involve all resources in Daily 30 minute stand-up meetings.
  • at all levels and functions of the business, from Sales and Marketing to Operations.
  • gain complete involvement of your resources.


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