Performance Improvement Programme for Manufacturers

You probably use a dozen business operations each day and you’ve likely come across the results of some in-efficient ones too. These can be many and varied, missed deadlines, product not manufactured on time, mistakes in invoicing and sales quotes, defective products and many more.

The Performance Improvement Programme devised by TCMUK Limited is your business’s secret weapon against operational inefficiencies and stagnation that may be holding you back from optimal productivity and growth. Our mission is to help you construct a high-impact, well-structured plan focusing on specific issues that cause frustration and hinder productivity within your operations.


Transform Your Business: Precision in Execution, Excellence in Results!

✔ Harness the Power of a Systematic Approach with in our Unique E5 Methodology: Examine, Evaluate, Engineer, Execute, and Expand.

✔ Developed through years of proficiency and experience, pairing the best of Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints.

✔ Drive substantial improvements leading to tantalising returns – greater than 5x your initial investment.

Future State Collaborative Design: Together, we’ll tailor-make solutions to meet your specific business needs, ensuring a future state that significantly elevates your performance and customer satisfaction, all while reducing operational costs.

Employee Development: True performance improvement can’t be achieved without your employees. Our programme aims to fully engage and upgrade your team’s skills and knowledge on efficient operational strategies.

Sustainable Change: Taking a one-time change project and ensuring it continues to provide results long into the future. Our goal is to create a culture of continuous improvement, moving your company beyond the whirlwind of crisis management and forethinking towards a streamlined, efficient future.

Powerful Analytics: Drive decision making with data-backed insights that translate into simple, actionable strategies that work wonders for your business.

Business Investment
Performance Improvement Programme


£3999 (ex-vat)


We’re Your Strategic Partner in Performance Enhancement

With our Performance Improvement Programme, fundamental and radical improvements in your business operations aren’t far off. We guide you meticulously to document drivers, key factors, analyse the current situation, design a future state process, create the executable implementation plan, and ensure flawless execution along with robust action tracking. Aiming beyond improvement—we’re sculpting excellence.

Realise Unimaginable Opportunities with our Team of Industry Experts

Our industry experts work closely with your talented in-house teams, maximising their potential and implementing actionable solutions. Our track record includes significant improvement results such as:

  • Capacity increased by 30%
  • Lead Time from Enquiry to Proposal reduced by 72%
  • On Time Delivery improved by 33%
  • Productivity amplified by 28%
  • Sales Growth up by 20%
  • Working Capital Improvement by 2.5 million

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We can commend our Performance Improvement Programme all day long but ultimately it’s the feedback that we receive from our clients that satisfies us the most. Leaders from the manufacturing industry have shared how our engagement has transformed their processes, fortified their productivity, and bolstered their growth.

“TCMUK showed us how we could improve productivity with simple, straightforward thinking and careful planning. I highly recommend them.” — Dean Eaves, Director.

Join some of the top leaders in the industry today by taking the first step towards optimal performance improvement. Contact us at 0330 311 2820, or click here to arrange a return call.

Remember, Improved Performance is just a step away!

Why TCMUK Limited?


What sets us apart is our in-depth knowledge of all the necessary techniques. We focus on leveraging hands-on learning experiences to ensure that participants grasp the underlying principles and can apply Lean effectively within their operational tasks.


Our former participants commend us for our articulate delivery, ability to add value through robust tools and strategies, and our supportive nature. We are not just your trainers; we are your mentors, guiding you throughout your Lean journey and beyond.


High-value knowledge does not always have to equal high cost. Our course offerings are competitively priced, with potential funding opportunities and monthly payment plans available.

Invest in the Lean Awareness Program and take the first step toward a transformed, more productive future of your business, where waste reduction and maximisation of value go hand in hand.

Alistair Schofield Testimonial

“TCMUK Limited led a very successful Value Stream Mapping event at Investacast recently. Their leadership and clarity of thought was invaluable in helping the team gather the relevant data and identify the key areas for improvement in the business. Their personal style is highly engaging and the team enjoyed the project throughout its duration.”

Alistair Schofield – CEO

0330 311 2820