Kevin Paterson – Global 8D

Excellent session delivered by Adam Payne, all involved really enjoyed the workshop, excellent course with lots of valuable tools that will support our division reducing errors.

Alexandra Hawley

“The training and subsequent support provided by Adam to develop my knowledge, understanding and ability to build a high performing team has been excellent. He is an exceptional mentor, always guiding me to my own conclusion.”

Jason Thorpe

I have worked with Adam in my previous role at Doncaster’s where he was Group Business Improvement but also more recently via TCMUK where Adam is the Managing Director.
In both previous company and the current Adam has been an inspiration to me with his drive and enthusiasm for Operational Excellence, be it strategic or tactical. . With his ability to transpose his vast Operational knowledge to any audience, it is no more than a gift.
Recently Adam has helped find a key member of the team here at HSM Engineering and because of his ability to understand key business issues and his operational experience he can ensure the correct fit. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who is looking for business change with his Transformational Leadership style and a natural hunger to make manufacturing a different place, he delivers what is required.
Adam is a true friend, colleague and a fabulous mentor for when I have needed some liked minded thinking, therefore I have no reservations at all in endorsing him

Dean Eaves

TCMUK Limited showed us how we could improve productivity with simple and straightforward thinking and careful planning of where machinery goes to help flow. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with him in the future.

Kevin Paterson

We have recently completed a “Lean Program” within our business. We have been supported by Adam Payne (TCMUK Limited) who came along to our business and was able to offer excellent suggestions and ideas for improvements. He delivered various training sessions with the business, he drove the team for synergy and was very supportive. We have reduced our waste by 93% and increased our efficiencies by 52% which would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the support we received from Adam Payne AND TCMUK Limited

David McGee

Adam has recently facilitated Lean Training for our factory Team Leaders and he demonstrated both first-rate understanding of the subject and excellent engagement with the participants. I would have no hesitation in whole-heartedly recommending Adam to any company looking to up-skill its workforce in lean techniques.

Denise Taylor

For anyone who is looking for specialists in lean manufacturing, operational fitness, quality standards, sales and marketing strategies, business strategies, then TCMUK Limited are definitely someone to talk to. And if they can’t help you, then you can guarantee they will know someone who does. Adam is a true collaborator, with strong values. He is always keen to help, and in our current economic climate, manufacturing businesses do need more people like Adam to support their growth.

Anne Wilkinson

Adam is without doubt an expert in his field. If you are in the manufacturing sector and you want to improve your business, grow sustainably, increase market share and compete more effectively I highly recommend that you connect with Adam. He is generous in his willingness to help others. An all round top guy.

Alistair Schofield

TCMUK Limited led a very successful Value Stream Mapping event at Investacast recently. Their leadership and clarity of thought was invaluable in helping the team gather the relevant data and identify the key areas for improvement in the business. Their personal style is highly engaging and the team enjoyed the project throughout its duration.

Liz Slater

Great to work with TCMUK on business growth strategy. Their advice has been direct, practical, the right degree of ‘challenging’ and above all motivating. Adam’s engineering background has meant that his input to our business has been directly relevant and immediately helpful