The Process is the Problem and the Solution

Reality is invariably different from perception; few processes work the way we think they do. You will probably use a dozen business processes each day. For example:

  • Writing a report
  • Manufacturing a product
  • Managing a new client

You’ve likely come across the results of an inefficient process too,

  • Unhappy customers
  • Missed deadlines
  • Invoicing mistakes
  • Poor quality

That’s why it is so important to improve processes when they are not working well.

Now in the age of Technology Innovations we tend to throw IT systems in the work stream to improve the process, despite that often correct assumption, caution needs to be taken when implementing IT solutions. A common saying “shit in shit out” always springs to mind.

Our focus should always be to systemise processes, but remember the process is the solution and also the problem.

Process Analysis

Put it this way, in understanding a process recently, over 40% of production management time was chasing parts, that ripple effect is massive, (throwing a stone on one side of an ocean can cause a tidal wave on the other). Now in understanding the process we found that certain bits of information were being omitted. The business process is flawed. If we design the IT system without first understanding and optimising the process, the IT system we implement will be flawed as well.

It might make things easier, but long term, you’re never going to get the best results, because the underlying process isn’t up to scratch.

Based on our experience/research you can expect a 25%+ improvement within a process by focusing on optimisation.

So, fix your processes, then systemise them, because doing it the other way around will almost always cause headaches.

Process Improvement and Optimisation

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