Reindustrialising Britain.

Just reading though an article (again) in the UK Manufacturing Review and felt compelled to quote James Selka (CEO of The Manufacturing Technologies Association).

I have to say James is spot on with his comments.

“We are living through an explosion in the potential of technology, and it provides a most wonderful opportunity to reinvigorate the manufacturing sector in the 21st century.”

“Manufacturing is remarkable because of the multiplier effect that the sector has. It is so complex, and touches so many other sectors, that activity in it acts as a stimulus to the economy as a whole.”

“As technology becomes more central to the process of manufacturing, the cost of labour – the rationale for much of the offshoring that took place – is a smaller and smaller proportion of the cost of manufacturing activity. Labour cost becomes less of a driver…”

“This is not just about what others can do for us, but what we – UK Manufacturing – can do to help ourselves”

Extracts taken from the UK Manufacturing Review 2015 -16 (Stirling Media).

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