The new ISO9001:2015 standard has arrived.

It focuses on a process-based approach with the aim to produce a desired outcome. Several changes have occurred from the 9001:2008 version: The process approach strongly emphasises that the Quality Management System has to be woven into and fully aligned with an organisation’s strategic direction.

The PDCA (plan-do-check-act) methodology is overlaid on the system of processes, which apply both to individual processes as well as the Quality Management System as a whole. A strong focus on risk-based thinking is required now! It is aimed at “preventing unfavourable outcomes,” such as non-conforming products and services.

The standard has now been published and there is a transition period of 3 years to make the necessary changes, so do you have a plan on how you will tackle it?

Quoting BSI, with more than a million organisations certified to ISO 9001, it’s the most widely recognised standard in the world. ISO 9001:2015 sets out requirements for quality management systems, and is suitable for all types of organisations.


Enables you to better align and integrate multiple management standards

Takes a risk-based approach, becoming a tool for preventive action

Moves away from prescriptive paperwork

The standard is currently being rolled out, so if you are looking for a competitive edge within Production and Service areas, ISO9001:2015 maybe it.

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