Best Times to Post to LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook 2019

Most Marketers, Business Owners, Social Media Associates are always trying to find the magical time to post on each platform, unfortunately there is no magical time, there is no cheat, no silver bullet.

It depends on your ideal audience, industry, products/services, content, consistency (always be mindful of consistency), there are multiple variables in play when posting to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Knowing the best times based on overall engagement will certainly give guidance and may even help to strengthen your social media strategy, but as with all things marketing, test it.

Sprout Social (based on their data of 25000+ customer interactions) have listed the best times to post on some of the major platforms.

Here’s an overview of the engagement reports for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook


LinkedIn has seen significant increase in overall engagement, potentially making it a bigger consideration for your B2B marketing posts.

Sprout’s data shows the best time to post on LinkedIn is Wednesday, between 9am and 10am, and then at 12pm.

A quick overview of each weekday shows that; Monday is between 1pm-3pm; Tuesday is 9am, 1pm & 3pm; Wednesday 9am, 12pm; Thursday 9am, 1pm-3pm; Friday there seems to be a shift in morning to 10am-11am. (this is just my view but you can see the image for each platform and make your own judgements)

Best engagement is Wednesday with the least engagement occurring on Sundays.

Sprout LinkedIn


It still looks like Wednesday and Friday are producing results as previous data, with Tuesday to Friday at 9am being a big block, but you can see that there is a band covering Tuesday to Friday from 9am-11am as well. The Twitter engagement I do find interesting as there are quite a few views you could take on this. Again, try and test!

Sprout says that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to post your tweets overall, which you can see from the image, a big band cutting across 9am-3pm, Saturday sees the least engagement.

Sprout Twitter


The data suggests that updates posted on Facebook on Wednesdays, between 9am and 3pm, see the most engagement, Sprout narrows this down slightly from their analysis to between 11am-1pm. Thursday sees a good band between 9am-2pm and Friday also seeing high engagement between 9am-11am.

Sprout’s data also suggests that Sundays see the least amount of Facebook engagement overall.

Sprout Facebook

Excellent data from Sprout and you can view the full report ‘here’ for more on their opinion and analysis.

BullS*^t Sales Tactics – Don’t Do it!

I was stood at Exhibition Floor Layout today trying to find a particular company I had arranged to meet, I began to notice and listen to the conversation of 3 Sales People next to me, they seemed to be from the same company or team (I’m assuming here, which I should never do, but they were acting together), they were pointing at individual companies and talking negatively about each one, and organising amongst themselves how they were going to approach and try and rattle each one of them, not a care on who was in the vicinity listening to their negative connotations.

Now, I’m not for this, in fact I think its BS tactics, lowest of the low and it surprised the hell out of me. My view is if you’d put half as much energy into working with your potential Customers, finding new customers, listening to customers, you wouldn’t need to do this, as you’re a level above, operating on a higher plain. You could also have the potential of working collaboratively on accounts you may not dream of getting.

For me, if you’re operating with these sorts of tactics you’ve lost as an individual and a business. If you want to compete and win, do it through Adding Value to your Customer or potential Customer.



Lesley Russon:

Competitors are only annoying if they are winning your percentage of your targeted business. I always believe if you watch your competitors you can learn about their weaknesses and strengths and you can only learn how to focus and target your own SWOT’s to learn and improve how you manage your business. I am assuming (as I don’t have all the facts) but it they had a good leader they would teach them marketing intelligence and how to act on it ??

Steven Taylor:

Never talk down your competition, ensure your company performance is the best it can be. These so-called salesmen will only sell by undercutting prices and over promising. Short term gain only with very low profit margins and no future

Rebecca Morgan:

When we collaborate, we all improve and push standards higher for ours and our customers’ benefits.

Simon Lane:

Probably learned their tactics from the protagonists in the debacle otherwise known as the Conservative Leadership Elections

Wayne Wilding:

Trash talking competitors has no value to your prospects/customers. Negative language will put people off you, and bore them. They do not want to hear why the other lot are bad, they want to know why you are good. Trash talking makes it seem like you have nothing else to offer.

And, if nothing else, mentioning your competitors might just remind your prospect/customer about them. You might find your customers giving them a call as soon as you leave.

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Leadership Alignment

Leadership teams still operate in silos. Commercial don’t talk to operations and vice versa, individual objectives are not aligned to the business needs, Quality stands alone. Your business may have a company vision but is this realised/disseminated throughout the organisation and most importantly of all, is your leadership team aligned to it.

Creating a clear company vision is key to your organisation’s success, but how do you make sure everyone on your leadership team agrees? Now this doesn’t mean that your team need to get on together but it does mean they are fully focussed and completely in agreement on what needs to be delivered.

Make sure everyone on your leadership team is on the same page with a crystal-clear vision for your organisation by AGREEING on the answers to these questions. REMEMBER AGREEING AS A TEAM!.

This walk-through helps your team clarify and agree on your company vision and priorities.


What are your Core Values?

What are the 3-5 characteristics that define who you are as a company, culture and leadership team?


What is your Focus?

What is it your business excels at? What is its core competence? What’s your purpose?


What is your 10 year Vision?

What is the goal you are all working towards? What does the finish line look like?


What is your Marketing Strategy?

Who is your ideal target market? What are your Unique Selling Points you need to tell to the world? What is your proven process for doing business with your customers? What’s your guarantee?


What is your 3 year Strategy

What is the Revenue, Profit and Measurable goals (remembering KPI’s drive behaviour so make sure you have the correct ones)? 3-5 bullet points on what your business will look like in 3 years.


What is your 1 year plan?

What IS the plan, what are the 3-7 most important things that must be done within the next 12 months? (Less is More)


Quarterly Milestones

What are the most important things your team must do in the next 90 days to ensure they hit the 1 year plan to put you on track to make your 3 year Strategy a Reality?


Implement a governance process to ensure execution.

Give time, Space and co-ordination of problem solving so that the organisational barriers are removed.


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