Doncasters Group Case Study

Client Success

Business Objective

To introduce a robust a process that enables the supplier (TCMUK Client) to move to a certified Internal Customer Inspection Process and gives evidence to the clients Customer of its capability and traceability.

Current Situation and Background

The Customer is concerned that, incomplete, incorrect paperwork has been presented numerous times from the supplier. This raises concerns that the supplier is not following standard processes to produce parts and able to complete documentation that is adequate and traceable.

Analysis and Recommendations

A two day diagnostic was completed including a waste walk of the process and interviewing key personnel within the business, this was followed by a further 4 day process mapping workshop of the information and paperwork flow, initial findings were as follows

  • Revision Errors
  • Non Conformance Issues raised but not logged in case another issue arises
  • Excessive Rework Processes due to Documentation Errors
  • Out-source documentation errors, works order no, etc. (Testing)
  • Production Forge Date caused issues with Testing “additional Costs incurred”
  • Route Card is becoming the Standard Work, how do we control the revision or up issues of the specs and work instructions
  • Multiple errors/multiple revisions – Control

Current State Process Mapping

Improvement Priorities

  • Subcon Test is biggest issue regarding documentation and business risk, this has potential to impact the business hard. This is priority to resolve.
  • Operations Control Meeting to be initiated with all parties involved, communicating issues, countermeasures and progress of implementation, meeting weekly.
  • Create Standard Work for Inspection Process and train across all personnel.
  • Train all Associates on the importance of stamping operations, no operations should progress without the prior op being booked, controlled process!
  • Programme to be written so that all paperwork and relevant info are raised automatically through the business system.
  • Quality System and ERP System to talk to each other regarding Non-Conformance’s

Business Achievements

Documentation Reduced by 67%
Traceability Errors Reduced to Zero
Standard Work Implemented
Paperwork Systemised to collate information Automatically
Controls Room Meetings with PDCA Management Style Implemented

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