Bromford Industries Case Study

Business Objective

I’m looking for a way to align our Strategic Intent with Tactical Implementation so that everyone in the organisation knows, understands and owns whats needs to be done. We need to ensure we are satisfying our customers with the Quality in Product and Service they expect and our Stakeholders in the performance they are looking to deliver.

Current Situation and Background

Private Equity owned Aerospace Group, Investment has been high and looking to invest and grow even further. Growth both Organic and In-Organic and Improving the current operational performance on certain customer products is a priority with potential of increased customers volumes on the horizon. Focus and improvements need to be made in regard to Lean Implementation, Waste Elimination, Machine Utilisation, Reduced Costs to ensure ramp up so these volume increases can be achieved. Operations run over 3 sites.

Actions and Recommendations

Executive Coaching and workshop meetings organised (weekly and monthly) to analyse and work through Shareholders and Exec teams 3/5 year objectives. Organic and In-Organic growth options, operational and financial performance and locking down the objectives for the Group.

Strategy Deployment 'X' Matrix Example
Sample Hoshin Kanri ‘X’ Matrix (we will not show Strategic intent of our customers)

Implementation of Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri) throughout the organisation. Workshops and training were given to the leadership teams from all sites, coaching sessions to generate the next level of execution. Focused on

  • Alignment to Shareholder/Executive Vision
  • Next 12 Month Objectives
  • Improvement Priorities/Projects
  • Key Performance Indicators

Governance process implemented to monitor execution, coaching and mentoring sessions on how to structure the meeting, question and challenge with dignity and respect. Middle Management coaching on implementation and using the A3 Problem Solving Process.

Strategic Vision Examples

  • Double Top Line Sales in 5 yrs
  • Double OP % to Sales in 3 yrs
  • Reduce Mfg Cost/Unit 50% in 3 yrs
  • Reject PPM Reduction by 90% in 3 yrs

“Facing the challenge of ensuring we didn’t fail on our commitments to our customers, employees and shareholders we needed a well proven methodology of grabbing the strategic vision and making sure everyone was joined up and clear on what we had to deliver. We needed to create accountability and measurement. TCMUK has helped tremendously in moving the dial in that process, their simplistic no nonsense approach works. TCMUK Limited are a true partner on our growth journey.”

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