Arriva Transport Case Study

Arriva Success


To support the Group Objective of “Implement Operational Excellence” the Executive team wanted to introduce Lean Office principles across the business.

With the industry statement of “over 60% of the costs of a product or service come from administrative processes” the group is looking to the Lean Office implementation to create best in class processes.

Business Improvement

3 Day Improvement Workshop

Working with the operational teams within a pilot area, they were introduced to Lean Office and 5S training/workshops. The main agenda covered the following tools and techniques:

  • Lean Office
  • Benefits of Lean
  • Value Added and Non Value Added
  • Lean as a System
  • The 7 Wastes +1
  • 7 Wastes – Exercise
  • Process Mapping
  • 5S and Point of Use
  • 5S Exercise
  • Standard Work

The workshop covered the implementation of 5S, Visual Management, Process Audit and Management Control Rooms.

Top Level KPI’s (key performance indicators) linked to daily output of the process were introduced to ensure demand and capacity planning with team members holding regular reviews on performance.

All HS&E issues sorted.
70% Improvement in Organisational and Visual Management processes were achieved.
New Daily Load Schedule by team Implemented, hour by hour status.
3 Storage Units, 3 Filing Cabinets, 3 Chairs released for future offices.
20+ Bin Liner bags of rubbish removed.
5S Visual Management Board Introduced to drive sustainability.

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