NDS Tooling Solutions Case Study

NDS Tooling Success
Business Objective

Two businesses G&N Tools and Rex Tooling are joining together to create NDS Tooling Solutions. Both businesses are located in Coventry, they are to be brought together under one roof at new premises on Seven Stars Industrial Estate. Lean Thinking is to be applied to ensure flow of product within the new facility and increase efficiency. Layout to include future expansion opportunities.

Current Situation and Background

G&N Tools
Located at Westwood Business Park, building is too small to house all machinery safely, the business is expanding and new machinery is required to keep the competitive advantage. Observations, potential H&S issues, machines set into functional areas, no visual management and general maintenance is an issue due to limited space to work.

Rex Tooling
Located at Challenge Business Park (5 miles from G&N Tools), compliments G&N Tooling for re-grinding and machining. Layout is functional with no visual management, general house keeping is good but both businesses need to improve to ensure the new business maximises all opportunities, they have to look professional. Scrap machines also located in the building.

Rex Tools - Layout Before 1

Rex Tools - Layout Before 2

G&N + Rex Tooling - Old Layout

Analysis and Recommendations

Diagnostics were undertaken across the two sites, including Process/Product Matrix, Process Maps and current Manufacturing Flows. The new site was drawn to scale and manufacturing layouts were designed to ensure increased efficiency and future expansion. Machine footprints were created actual size and put into position to create a card board city / visualisation of the factory floor.

NDS - New Layout

Card Board City - Layout 1

Card Board City - Layout 3

Business Improvement Priorities

  • Design and Implement new layout including process flow for high user products.
  • CNC line created to increase efficiency.
  • 5S to be applied to new site.

5S - First Phase

NDS Tools - New Layout 3

Optimised CNC Layout

New Business Formed
Operational Efficiency Increased
On Time Delivery Improved
5S and Visual Managment Improved

“TCMUK Limited showed us how we could improve productivity with simple and straightforward thinking and careful planning of where machinery goes to help flow. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with him in the future.”

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